The area under horticulture crops is increasing continuously in Khargone district as horticulture crops are being cultivated by farmers by adopting high technology. In the district 4,772 hectares under horticultural crops, 4,935 hectares under vegetable crops, 49,264 hectares under spice crops, 168 hectares under flowering crops and 180 hectares under medicinal crops, thus totaling 59,319 hectares of cultivation by the farmers. As mentioned above, the area of ​​horticulture has largely been covered under the Kharif season, however, a area of 10 thousand hectares is proposed for the horticulture crops for Rabi and Zayed seasons, thus the total area of ​​70 thousand hectare area is proposed to be covered under horticulture.

Chili crop has been sown in 49 thousand hectares in the year 2020-21 under horticultural crops in the district. Major varieties of chili – Mahi -456, Mahi-453, Navtej, Varsha, HPH-12, Shakti-51 are being predominantly sown in the district. Bediya Chili Mandi near Sanawad is the second largest sub Mandi in Asia.

Under Horticulture Crops ‘protected Farming’ such as High value vegetable crops like Cocumber, Shimla Chili and VNR Guava etc in Shadnet House,  is being cultivated successfully by the farmers of the district. In addition, income is being obtained by supplying high-tech hybrid chili seedlings to the farmers through cocopite in the shednet house.

General Information on Horticulture
Description Area in Hect.
Geographic Area 8,18,637 ha.
Total Agricultural Area (Rabi, Kharif and Zayed) 7,54,035 ha
Irrigated Area 3,45,141 ha
Proposed area for Horticultural Crops 2020-21 70,000 ha
Crops of Zayed Season
Horticultural Crops Area 59,461 ha
Major Horticulture Crop Chili
Area of Chili 49,000 ha
Main Chili Varieties MJahi-456, Mahi-453, Navtej, Varsha, HPH-12 ,Shakti-51
Chili Sub Mandi Bediya (Sanawad)
Mega Food Park Indis Mega Food Park, Panwa (Kasrawad)
Cold Storage 06 (Storage Capacity 41,000 Metric Tonne)
Spice Industries 13 Units
Food Processing Units 22 Units
Ripening Chambers 04 Units