About District

Khargone district is situated on the southern western border of Madhya Pradesh. 21 degrees 22 minutes – 22 degrees 35 minutes (north) latitude to 74 degrees 25 minutes – This district spreads between 76 degrees 14 minutes (east) countryside. Its area is approximately 8030 sq. Km. In the north of this district is Dhar, Indore and Dewas, Maharashtra in the south, Khandwa, Burhanpur in the east and Barwani in the west. Located in the central part of the Narmada Valley, north of this district there are Vindhyachal and Satpura mountain ranges in the south. Narmada river flows about 50 km in the district. Kunda and Veda are other major rivers. Dejla-Deora, Garhi Mukhar, Ambaknala and Upper Veda are major irrigation projects. Maheshwar Hydroelectricity and Irrigation Scheme is one of the three major hydroelectric and irrigation schemes built on Narmada. The latitude and longitude of Khargone district headquarters are 21 ° 49’18 “(North) and 75 ° 37’10” (East) respectively. This city is about 258 meters (± 9 meters) above sea average sea level.