Places of Interest


District Headquarters – Located on the banks of Kunda River, this city is famous for the very ancient Navagraha temple. This city is 150 km from Indore (Railway / Airport), 90 km from Badwani. (If you are coming from Gujarat – State Highway 26), 70 km from Sendhwa. (If you are coming from Maharashtra – Agra Mumbai National Highway No. 3), 65 km from Dhamnod. (If you are coming from Indore – Agra Mumbai National Highway No. 3), 130 km from Dhar, 90 km from Khandwa, 130 km from Burhanpur. 150 kms from Bhusawal Is at a distance. This city is a major center of cotton and ginning factories.


This city had been the capital of the Haiyavanshi king Sahasrarjun, who had defeated Ravana. Because of persecution of Rishi Jamdagni, his son Bhagwan Parashuram had killed Sahastrarjun. The great ruler of Holkar’s, (Noble of the Maratha Empire) Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar made Maheshwar as the capital. Situated on the bank of river Narmada, this city is famous for its very beautiful and gorgeous Ghats and Maheshwari sarees. There are very artistic temples on the pier, from which the Raj Rajeshwar temple is the main. The famous legend of Adiguru Shankaracharya and Pandit Mandan Mishra was here.It is not only the Tehsil of Khargone district but also a popular tourism destination which is situated at the distance of 60 km from Khargone.


Maheshwar at a distance of 50 KM from Khargone, this town is also situated on the banks of Narmada. Construction of hydropower project and dam has been done on Narmada. Here is a very ancient Shiva-temple at the place called Choli, where a very splendid Shiva-Ling is located. 50 km from Khargone.


This place situated of 18 kms from Khargone. This place is famous for Parmar-Kalin Shiva-Mandir and Jain temples. A very ancient Mahalaxmi-Narayan Temple is also located here. In addition to Khajuraho, there are only Parmar-Kalin ancient temples here.

Bakawan and Raverkhedi

The great Peshwa Bajirao Samadhi is situated in Raverkhedi. At the time of a campaign for North India, he died on the Narmada border. Shiva-Linga is carved by carving stones of Narmada in Dakawan.


There is a large dam , which irrigates about 8000 hectares.

Sirvel Mahadev

This place is situated at a distance of 55 KM from Khargone, Sirvel Mahavev is known for its historical significance. It is said that Ravana had offered his 10 heads to Mahadev Shiva. This place is very close to the border of Maharashtra. On Mahashivaratri many devotees from Maharashtra come to visit here.


This place is situated at a distance of 20 KM from Khargone. This place is also famous for the ancient Shiva temple. This place is on the way while going from Khargone to Sirvel Mahadev.

The twin towns Badwah and Sanawad

Settled on both sides of Narmada, Badwah on the North side and Southwest is Sanawad. On this route you can visit the world famous Onkareshwar Jyotirling (Shiv Temple). From Badwah you can travel to Mandleswar, Maheshwar and Dhammod. World famous The Red Chilli Mandi at Bediya is near Sanawad.