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District Head
Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
Smt. Anugraha P. Collector and DM dmkhargone[at]nic[dot]in 07282232363 07282231668 Office of Collector and District Magistrate , Khargone, M.P-451001
Shri Shailendra Singh Chauhan Superintendent of Police sp_khargone[at]mppolice[dot]gov[dot]in 07282231004 07282231009 Office of Superintendent of Police Khargone M.P.
District Officers
Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
Shri Gaurav Benal CEO ZP cepzpkhr[at]mp[dot]nic[dot]in 07282232880 - Office of CEO Zila Panchyat Khargone M.P.
Shri M. L. Kanel ADM admkhr[at]mp[dot]gov[dot]in 07282235697 - Collector Office Khargone M. P.
Shri B. S. Solanki ADM 8770857269 Collector Office Khargone M. P.
Shri J. S. Bhargav DFO dfotkgone[at]mp[dot]gov[dot]in 9424793275 Office of the Forest Officer, Forest Division Khargone District Khargone M. P.
Shri Chandusingh Chouhan DFO dfotbwaha[at]mp[dot]gov[dot]in 9424793300 Office of the Forest Officer, Forest Division, Barwaha District, Khargone, Madhya Pradesh
Shri Purushottam Patidar Add. CEO ceozpkhr[at]mp[dot]nic[dot]in 07282232880 District Panchayat Office, Khargone M.P.
Mrs. Neha Shivhare Joint Collector 9479971068 - Office of the Collector and District Magistrate, District Khargone
Mr. Milind Dhoke Joint Collector, Khargone 9826035969 Collector Office, Khargone M.P.
Shri Rajendra Singh Deputy Collector 9109524866 Office of the Collector and District Magistrate, District Khargone , M.P.
Shri P. S. Malviya District Planning Officer dsokhr[at]mp[dot]nic[dot]in 07282232621 Office of the District Planning and Statistics, Khargone , M.P.
Sub Division
Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
Shri Satyendra Singh SDM sdmkhargone[at]gmail[dot]com 9425148951 - Office of Sub-Divisional Officer Khargone M.P.
Shri Rahul Chouhan SDM sdmbhikangaon[at]gmail[dot]com 9109479137 - Office of Subdivisional officer revenue Bhikangaon Dist. Khargone
Shri Sangh priy (IAS) SDM sdmkasrawad[at]gmail[dot]com 7587980907 - Office of Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Kasrawad, District Khargone M.P.
Shri Sangh priy (IAS) SDM sdmmandleshwar[at]gmail[dot]com 7587980907 - Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Mandaleshwar, District Khargone M.P.
Shri Praveen Fulpagare SDM sdmbarwah[at]gmail[dot]com 9406642673 - Office Sub-Divisional Officer Revenue Barwah, District Khargone M.P.
Name Designation Email Phone Fax Address
Shri R. C. Khatediya Tehsildar, Khargone ( Rural ) tehkhargone[at]nic[dot]in 9993064300 - Tehsil office Khargone, Dist. Khargone M.P.
Shri Radheshyam Patidar Tehsildar Incharge, Khargone (Urban) tehkhargone[at]nic[dot]in 9977858658 Tehsil Office Khargone, District Khargone M.P.
Shri Dayaram Awasya Tehsildar(In Charge) tehgogkhr[at]mp[dot]gov[dot]in 6261986873 Tehsil Office Gogawa , District Khargone , M.P.
Shri Keshya solanki Tehsildar(In Charge) tehkaskhr[at]nic[dot]in 9993106988 - Tahsil Office Kasrawad, District Khargone , M.P.
Sri Devadatta Sharma Tehsildar tehmahkhr[at]nic[dot]in 9993535505 - Tahsil Office Maheshwar, District Khargone, M.P.
Shri Manoj chouhan Tehsildar(In Charge) tehbhakhr[at]nic[dot]in 9009000411 - Tahsil Office Bhagwanpura, District Khargone, M.P.
Shri Rakesh barde Tehsildar in Charge tehsegkhr[at]nic[dot]in 9074050721 Tehsil Office, Segaon, District Khargone M.P.
Smt. Devkunwar Solanki Tehsildar tehbhikhr[at]nic[dot]in 9669138949 - Tahsil Office Bhikangoan, District Khargone, M.P.
Shri Divakar Suliya Tehsildar in Charge tehzirkhr[at]nic[dot]in 7354264787 - Tahsil Office zhirniya, District Khargone, M.P.
Shri Vivek Sonkar Tehsildar tehbarkhr[at]nic[dot]in 9926672752 - Tahsil Office Barwah, District Khargone,M.P.