Animal Husbandry for Profits in Farming

Category Horticulture

Last year, the farmers who produced chilies in Khargone district made a huge profit due to good production and price from the chili crop. But this year the chili crop could not survive due to excessive outbreak of virus in chili crop. Even in such an adverse situation, there is a farmer family whose yield of chili crop has been almost the same as last year. The other farmer brothers of the village asked him – “Everyone’s crop is spoiled but not your crop, why?” Farmer Shri Ramesh Ji Patidar and his son Shri Raja Patidar, Village Gandhavad, Block Segaon, District Khargone, have been cultivating chili for the past several years. They cultivate chili in very little area (less than 1 hectare), but they must be planting chili crops every year. In his small acreage, he gets a produce of Rs. 5 lakh per acre.

This year, even under adverse conditions, the production of his chili crop has been the same as in previous years. On this wonderful skill of chili production, when many farmers asked him the secret of this, Mr. Ramesh told that – “The secret of my good harvest is – my Farm Animals. I have altogether seventeen farm animals. I have always had enough livestock for a long time.” And for many years the livestock dung is being compulsorily poured into the fields. I am doing the same fertilizer, pesticides etc. which all other farmers are doing, just dung manure has been the key of our agriculture for the last several years.  And this thing was clearly visible this year under adverse circumstances. Mr. Ramesh ji further states that – “Some farmers tell me that we have added enough cow dung in the last year and also this year, but still the crop has deteriorated. So I have to tell them that the The dung manure of this year and last year will not give any benefits this year. The cow dung old years is giving benefits today, similarly the cow dung of this year will give tonic to the crops in the coming years.”


Shri Ramesh Patidar Village Gandhawad, Block - Segaon, Distt - Khargone, M.P. Mobile No. - 95759 25884