Shri Mahalaxmi and Other Temples of Oon

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This place is 18 kms from Khargone. Is at a distance. This place is famous for Parmar-Kalyan Shiva-Mandir and Jain temples. A very ancient Mahalaxmi-Narayan Temple is also located here. In addition to Khajuraho, there are only Parmar-Kalin ancient temples here.
It is located on the Khargone – Julwania – Barwani – Baroda road, 18 km west of Khargone headquarters. The archaeological remains found from this place indicate that this place was in advanced state about 1000 years ago. There is a group of 12 temples built by the Paramara kings of Malwa. Most of these temples are in a dilapidated condition. All these temples are contemporary of Khajuraho. They were built by the Paramara king Uday Aditya.

A copper plate issued in Mahishmati by another king of the same dynasty, Devpal, is found in the Siddeshwara temple of Oon. According to this copper plate, after the disintegration of the Pratihara empire, around 812 AD, some part of Nimad was under the suzerainty of the Parmar kings who ruled this land for nearly 400 years. This place is famous for Parmar-Kaal Shiva-temple and Jain temples. A very ancient Mahalakshmi-Narayan temple is also located here. Apart from Khajuraho, it is the only place with ancient Parmar era temples.

Mahalakshmi Temple – This temple is located 1.5 kilometers to the south of the village.

Ballaleshwar Temple – This temple is situated to the north-west of the village. It was built by King Ballal, son of King Uday Aditya. It is a state protected monument.

Choubara Dera Number 1 – This temple built by King Uday Aditya is near the Gram Panchayat.

Choubara Dera No. 2 – This temple is located opposite the hospital on the main road. Earlier there were idols of Lord Shantinath, whose reputation is mentioned to be 1242 AD Magha Sudi 7. Currently these statues are kept in the Central Archaeological Museum.

Shantinath Temple / Gwaleshwar Temple – This Jain temple is situated on a small hill to the south of the village. In olden times, local guwalas used to take shelter in this temple in the event of storm / water, hence it is also called Guwaleshwar temple. Followers of Jainism consider Oon as a place of nirvana, so this place is also called Pavagiri.

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  • Shri Mahalaxmi Ji Temple, Oon
  • Shiv Temple Choubara, Oon
  • Ancient Temple, Oon

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport is Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport. It is 150 Kms from Khargone.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Khandwa Junction. It is 87 KM from Khargone. Also, Indore Juction is 150 KM from Khargone. In Meter Gaze Line Sanawad Railway Station is 70 KM from Khargone.

By Road

Khargone is 150 KM from Indore, 90 KM from Barwani, 70 KM from Sendhwa, 65 KM from Dhamnod, 130 KM from Dhar, 90 KM from Khandwa, 130 KM from Burhanpur and 150 KM from Bhusawal. Oon is 18 KM from Khargone on Khargone-Julwaniya-Badwani State Highway.