Shri Navgrah Mela, Khargone

15/02/2021 - 15/03/2021
Shri Navgraha Temple Khargone

‘Sri Navagraha Mela – 2021’ is being organized from 15/02/2021 to 15/03/2021 located at Indore-Kasaravad Road.

History of Navagraha Mela: –

The history of this fair is very old. Earlier, this fair used to be considered as West Nimar Panchayat, but from 1957-1958, the municipality of Khargone is arranging it. Till 1961-62, the fair used to be held on the land near the Navagraha temple, but for the last few years it started to be held on the land of the municipality which is close to the temple. Navagraha fair is the biggest fair in Nimar region, it is also famous among people all over the state as Navagraha fair. Historically, the Navagraha temple was established by a king of the Peshwa dynasty who used to come to the temple every year to see the people who came near to see it, as a result of which there was a small Dhama Mela.The purpose of this fair was not commercial / economic. | After Peshwa, this temple was renovated by Holkar dynasty. In Nimad zone, this fair is eagerly awaited every year.

Current format: –

All the urban and rural people come from far and wide to see this fair and enjoy it. The main attractions of the fair are swing, clothes, talkies, variety of food, exhibition, entertainment as well as hotel, children’s toys, sports material, home etc. are the center of attraction. The decoration of the night is mainly worth seeing in the fair and the fair is full of entertainment. The colorful program at the end of the fair is organized by the municipality Khargone.

Apart from being a trade fair, an animal fair is also organized and the cattle fair is purchased by the villagers as well as buyers and sellers from far off areas for sale and purchase of cattle. Merchants from Malwa, Maharashtra and Gujarat arrive at the fair to buy Nimari breed bulls.