Death Certificate

Detailed service information

Department: Planning, Economic and Statistics

Where to apply?

Name, designation and office of the designated officer (urban): Health Officer (Municipal Corporation) / Chief Municipal Officer (Municipality / Municipal Council)
Name, Designation and Office of the designated officer (Rural): Panchayat Secretary / Panchayat Personnel.
SN. Notified service Documents to be attached along with the application Timelines fixed for providing services Designation and Address of First Appeal Officer Time limit fixed for disposal of first appeal Designation and Address of Second Appellate Authority
1 (18.2) Application for obtaining the death certificate   For the urban area – 7 working days
For rural area – 7 working days
Chief Executive Officer, (District Panchayat) (in rural area) /
District Registrar (in urban area)
21 Working days District Registrar (in the rural areas) /
Additional Chief Registrar (Collector) (In Urban Area)
note :-

1. Time limit for submission of first appeal within 30 days from the decision of the designated officer.

2. Deadline for submission of second appeal within 60 days from the decision of the first appeal officer.

3. * Indicates that this document is mandatory



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