Promotion Of Organic Farming (HDPE Vermibed)

Date : 26/10/2018 - | Sector: Horticulture and field forestry department

Under the National Agricultural Development Scheme, for the promotion of organic farming, a maximum of 50 percent grant is provided to the farmers by the Central Government for planting vermibed,


Under the scheme, equal amount of grant is provided to all types of beneficiaries of general, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and below poverty line living and senior citizens.


Under the scheme, the beneficiary receives 50 percent of the total cost for applying the vermibed and the farmer has to bear 50 percent of the amount. At the same time, the farmer gets organic manure, so that the farmer can earn more profit by taking more production by planting crops using organic method.

How To Apply

o take advantage of the scheme, the farmer has to register at any online center with passport photo, Khasra copy, bank passbook, Aadhaar card for online application through the portal of the department (MPFSTS). It is necessary to do it.