Pension to Inmates Residing in Old age homes

Date : 01/09/2016 - | Sector: Social Justice and Disabled Welfare

Providing pension social security to inmates residing in old age homes.


1. Destitute aged above 60 years of age who reside in old age home. 2. BPL Are not required.


The amount of Rs. 600 / - to the beneficiary from March 2019. Is provided every month.

How To Apply

1. Complete the prescribed application form
2. Two photos of myself
3. Composite I.D.
4. Aadhaar Number
5. Mobile Number
6. Bank Pass Book
7. Age proof certificate
8. Certificate of old age home in case of residence in old age home
9. It is necessary to be a native of Madhya Pradesh.

All the above mentioned documents are submitted to the District Panchayat in the rural area and the Municipality / Municipal Council in the urban area, as per eligibility, or pension can be obtained by applying in the Public Service Guarantee.