Nandishala Scheme on Grant

Date : 01/08/2006 - | Sector: Animal husbandry

To provide for the improvement of the breed of unclassified bovine animals of the local breed on improved cow sod grant of the native described breed.


Beneficiaries of all categories, who have land for production of minimum 05 native cattle and cattle fodder. Landless cattlemen must have at least 20 cattle of cattle.


To improve the breed of the animals of their own animals and obtain economic benefits by receiving service money in lieu of natural services.

How To Apply

Contact the nearest veterinary institution of the Animal Husbandry Department and obtain the request. A government grant will be deposited on opening a joint account and submitting a photocopy of the pass book to deposit the beneficiary share (25%). On receipt of the loan, the amount will be drawn from the bank account and sent to the animal supplier.