Gangaur (Gouri Puja)

Gangaur Festival
  • Celebrated on/during: April
  • Significance:

    In Nimar, if the festivals begin with Lokparva Jiroti, the closing also takes place at Lokparva Gangaur. Both festivals are special festivals of worship of goddess, girls and daughters-in-law. Gangaur mahaparva begins with Chaitra Gyaras. The festival of ‘Gangaur’, the mother of Nimar Lokmatas, is celebrated in the Nimad.

    She is also the goddess of goddesses, Mahadevi. She is the ultimate power to enlighten the devotion of the whole world. Gangaur Mata is both worldly and cosmic goddess. her mahaparva is the soul of this Nimad region. And that is why Nimari folk songs, customs, rituals, worship, culture etc. are being celerated as they are from years. The people of Nimad region give highest honor and prestige to Gangaur Mata.

  • Festive Attires :

    All Wear New Dresses. Women wear new Saaris and Jewellery.