Maheshwari Saari

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Maheshwari Saadi

Maheshwari Sarees are the glory and pride of Maheshwar! Maheshwari saree is a symbol of majestic splendor and self-esteem with its unique geometric and carved designs and color combinations. Maheshwari sarees are mainly made on Pitloom i.e. the looms buried in the ground. But nowadays it is also made on the Faram Loom. Due to expensive timber and not easy access, iron has now replaced wood. Now the looms in the looms are made from iron. Maheshwari saree is plain weaved. However, it is diversified by using other methods like chakdi, stripe and use of other threads.

G.I. Tag Registration: The Registrar of Maheshwari Sadi and Dress Material as Geographical Indication has been registered by the Government of India, Chennai Office under the Geographical Indication Registration and Protection Act, 1999. Geographical representation number 197 of Maheshwari Saari and Dress material is dated 08.02.2010.

Types of Maheshwari Sarees – Garbha silk saree, silk saree, neem silk saree, katan saree, Seventy five saree, Tishu sari, Mercerized Rasta Design saree, Mercerized Checks design saree, etc. Along with this variety of salwar suits are also manufactured. Currently, in addition to the above, production of dress materials, scarves, dupattas, furnishing etc. are also being done.

Employment and production – At present, 3120 handlooms are functional in Maheshwar, on which a total of 9360 weavers are engaged in weaving and ancillary works with the value of 03 persons per loom. The production of this place is about 03.20 lakh meters per month, which is about 776.35 lakhs and the annual production is 38.50 lakh meters, which costs about 9316.20 lakhs.